Da Brat Getting Married To Judy And Shows Off Her Ring

Da Brat

Da Brat is finally living the life she wants to live after years of hiding her sexuality. And now she’s marrying her longtime girlfriend, Jessica “Judy” Dupart!

Da Brat, the first female rapper to go platinum, is getting married!

After years of hiding her sexuality from the prying eyes of the public, she is finally living and loving openly with her fiancé Jessica “Judy” Dupart.

Now she has the bling that is evidence that she is proudly out of the closet.

On Thursday’s Daily Blast Live show, the “Funkadafied” artist and her boo shared their “love story” on a promo run for the upcoming WEtv series, Brat Loves Judy.

“I met someone who made me feel fearless. She [Judy] has lived her life out loud, and I just felt like at this point, I’m so grown, and my journey has been so strong that I have built a coat of armor against anything that anybody has to say about me,” Da Brat confessed.

The So So Def artist admitted that the pressure of being on the low was getting to her. But now that she is engaged, and Judy is trying to make an honest woman out of her — Judy popped the question first!

“I have been gettin talked about for years, and I’m just like you know what, I’m happy,” she expressed. “I want to be happy, and I want to hold her hand in public. I want to kiss her in public. And she just made me feel like it was okay and oh my God, it was. It was the best thing that I’ve ever done. It feels like a weight is lifted, I just feel free.”

The show promises to give you bright flashes of this freedom and happiness. Hopefully, it will shine brighter than that rock she is sporting on her ring finger.