DaBaby Accused Of Causing Chaos In His Posh Neighborhood

DaBaby’s plush mansion in North Carolina has been the subject of numerous complaints from his uppity neighbors.

Since his epic pop-out last year, DaBaby’s life has rapidly transformed into something beyond his wildest dreams.

One thing that is evidence of his success is a sprawling new estate in Troutman, N.C., a small town that has a population that is less than 3,000 (a number that matches the Brooklyn Bowl’s capacity).

Though he moved in less than a year ago, his Trump-supporting neighbors on his two-lane street are not as excited about his homeownership as his friends, family, and fans.

According to the Quad City Metro, the local police and code enforcement have received complaints because of his extraordinary amount of traffic and noise.

In fact, over 31 complaints or calls have been made to the home since December 2019. Fourteen of those were because of triggered burglar alarms, four about loud noise, and at least two arguments.

Neighbors also complained about the construction going on at the estate, but do you think the chart-topper is worried? Bwaaah.

The “BOP” rapper dropped a cool $2.3 million home that is circled by concrete walls and two-story guard towers, snd stadium lighting in the backyard.