DaBaby Comments On Brother’s Suicide


Rap star DaBaby paid loving tribute to his older brother, who killed himself earlier this week.

DaBaby finally speaks out about the death of his older brother, Johnson.

Johnson, succumbed to death by suicide on Tuesday (Nov. 3) afternoon in Charlotte, NC from a self-inflicted gunshot. Earlier in the day, the troubled man posted a clip of himself crying with the weapon.

DaBaby’s Older Brother Dead, Allegedly From Suicide

While it is not clear why he would take his life, the video notes that he had been in dispute and someone “did him wrong.” The “Rockstar” rapper spoke publicly about his brother in the lead single “Intro” from his second studio album, Kirk, in 2019.

While so much of the song is about his father, he paused to assure his brother of his love and set the record straight for anyone that thought that he did not love his family.

“My brother be thinkin’ that we don’t love him and let him struggle like we ain’t family,” the Billboard Baby raps. “Like I won’t give up all I got to see you happy.”

The verse continued, “I’m still Lil’ Jon Jon, my song, it just went platinum, n**ga.”

“We on our own time, let’s go move out to Cali, nga. Put the kids in homeschool, let’s go get us a mansion, nga. Let’s raise our kids right, let’s watch the s### we teach ’em, nga. Let’s start a business for you so they can’t say that you leechin’, nga.

Late on Tuesday night, as the world was anxious about the elections, the North Carolinian was thinking about his brother.

He did not post anything deep or make an announcement. In a gentle and tasteful gesture, he wrote in his bio: LONG LIVE MY BROTHER🖤🕊