Danileigh’s Brother Brandon Bills Blasts DaBaby Over Bowling Alley Brawl “No Brownie Points”


Danileigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, takes to Instagram Live to talk about getting rolled on by DaBaby’s crew. Read his side of the story!

After his altercation with DaBaby at a bowling alley, Danileigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, took to Instagram Live to talk about getting rolled on by the North Carolinian’s crew.

According to recording artist Brandon Bills, the “Red Light Green Light” chart-topper and his entourage jumped him.

The braided hair artist is talking about the recent physical altercation with his sister’s baby daddy.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, footage of the incident was leaked on social media early on Thursday morning. 


Brandon Bills is the man slammed on the lane and assaulted by the posse of guys. 

In his response video, he said, “N##### didn’t catch no fair one. They came to jump me once I slip.”

“I spoke to you like a man,” he said, directly speaking to his sister’s ex. “I said, ‘Let’s talk … One-on-One … like some men. Me and you on the side … on some real n##ga s##t.”

While verbally clapping back, he told DaBaby that he didn’t get any “brownie points” over the incident, describing the beatdown by saying the guys were “grabbing” his “hair on that slippery a## floor.”

“One person. I was by myself, and I stood right there, and I spoke to you with all your n##### right there,” he continued before saying if the floor wasn’t slippery, it would have been on.

It appears that Danileigh has deleted her Instagram after the fight.

The story is developing.