DaBaby Defeats Concert Promoter Seeking $6 Million For Alleged Assault


A concert promoter named Kenneth Carey sued for DaBaby over an alleged attack that took place in Miami in 2020.

DaBaby scored a victory in court after a concert promoter sued him for battery.

According to TMZ, a jury ruled in DaBaby’s favor in the civil case on Monday (December 19). Concert promoter Kenneth Carey was seeking $6 million in his lawsuit against the Interscope Records artist.

“Along with our client, Jonathan Kirk (DaBaby), we are thrilled that this federal jury, after a five-day trial, came to the same conclusion that we have maintained for almost 3 years – that these plaintiffs were attempting to use the legal system to shake down Mr. Kirk,” the rapper’s lawyer Drew Findling told TMZ. “Mr. Kirk deserves all the credit in the world for not caving in to these plaintiffs’ cash demands and having the confidence in the facts and his legal team to take this to a jury trial for a complete and total victory!”

Carey accused DaBaby and several associates of attacking the concert promoter in Miami in 2020. The altercation allegedly stemmed from a dispute over money.

DaBaby was arrested for the incident in January 2020. He maintained his innocence and was released on a $1,500 bond.

The charges against DaBaby were dropped in March 2020. More than two years later, his lawyers successfully defended him in a civil trial.