DaBaby Fans Risk Their Lives To See Rapper At Fourth Of July Show

DaBaby and thousands of his fans celebrated the 4th of July, with no masks or social distancing.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper DaBaby and organizers behind his packed Saturday night concert in Georgia have come under fire on social media for failing to implement social distancing measures.

The “Suge” star ignored coronavirus concerns and pressed ahead with his Fourth of July celebration at the Cosmopolitan Premier Lounge in Decatur, even though positive tests across the state have spiked in recent days.

Before the gig, promoter MyDJDre told TMZ the venue would only be at 40% capacity to allow for attendees to socially distance while inside the club, which has room for 4,000 people.


Fans were also supposed to be turned away at the door if they failed to wear a mask or refused to have their temperature checked upon entry.

However, photos and video footage from the show have since emerged online, showing partygoers crowded together, without masks.

DaBaby was also supposed to be limited to having a three-person entourage with him during his performance, but he appeared to bring a host of others up on the platform too, all standing along the back of the stage.

After the footage began circulating on social media, many concerned users shared their disapproval at the apparent lack of concern for public safety.

Responding to the club’s DJ, who boasted about DaBaby’s gig attracting “the whole city” in an Instagram post, one person remarked, “I wouldn’t be bragging that ‘the whole city came out’ in the middle of a pandemic.”

“This is so irresponsible. You should be ashamed,” read another comment.

And a devotee declared: “I absolutely love Dababy and his music but this is such an awful idea. Risking thousands of lives for a silly a## concert is so foolish. Cancel this ridiculousness.”

DaBaby and MyDJDre have yet to respond to the latest backlash.