DaBaby Brings Out Tory Lanez At Rolling Loud After Megan Thee Stallion Performance And The Hotties Lose It

dababy tory lanez and megan thee stallion

DaBaby seemed to playing with Megan Thee Stallion during his set at Rolling Loud, which featured Tory Lanez as a special guest!

DaBaby took full advantage of his performance at Rolling Loud, to show his allegiance to Tory Lanez. The rapper performed on the CIROC stage right after Megan thee Stallion delivered a scorching set.

Meg rocked a sheer top that shows off her bodacious breasts which were busting out of an exposed red sequin bra. 

Megan delivered an energetic show as she ran through songs like “Realer,” “Big Ole Freak” “Savage” and “Cry Baby,” which she performed without DaBaby. 

DaBaby performed directly after Megan thee Stallion. 

He performed his songs “Suge,” “Goin Baby,” and “Vibez,” but it was the ending of his song “Cry Baby” with Meg that got the crowd’s attention.

An oversized mascot of DaBaby came strolling out on the stage during the middle of his verse and interrupted the set.

“This n#### here done walked on the stage and interrupted my show. I’ll give somebody out here a million dollars if they could guess who’s in here,” DaBaby told the crowd. 

The person in the mascot took off the garb, as the baby lifted the oversized head to reveal none other than Tory Lanez. 

The pair performed their song “SKAT,” which drove a wedge in between DaBaby and Megan thee Stallion. 

To add insult to injury, Tory Lanez walked off the stage and the next song DaBaby played was Meg’s verse from their song “Cash S###.”

After performing his hit single “Masterpiece,” DaBaby brought out a huge bed for his song “Nasty,” where he frolicked around the sheets with a big booty stripper. 

Last month, on Juneteenth, DaBaby and Megan thee Stallion had words on Twitter, after the North Carolina rapper allegedly retweeted a message making fun of Megan. 

As you will recall, Megan thee Stallion was allegedly shot in the feet by Tory Lanez on July 12th, 2020 after a party in the Hollywood Hills.

Tory Lanez please not guilty to felony assault charges, and is currently free on $190,000 bail. 

The Hotties were not feeling DaBaby’s antics.