DaBaby’s Artist Wisdom Shot Man Twice Over Traffic Dispute


A man who was shot by DaBaby’s artist Wisdom said the whole beef started over a parking dispute!

DaBaby’s artist Wisdom has been identified as one of the shooters in the Monday night Florida shooting.

Earlier this week, AllHipHop.com reported that law enforcement in Miami had taken North Carolina rap star DaBaby in for questioning.

After performing almost 30 minutes away from a shooting incident in South Beach, the police released to the public that they were bringing him in for questioning — but did not release why.

Now, news has emerged that one of the possible gunmen of the crime is signed to the “Rockstar” rapper’s Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment label.

The victim, whose name is Ernesto Delgado, says that it all started over a parking spot near a restaurant.

Wisdom’s vehicle’s car door bumped into Delgado’s family’s truck and all hell broke loose.

Wisdom, who is charged with attempted first-degree murder, shot Delgado twice in the leg, after things escalated.

“I looked down. Blood everywhere, you know. I was scared. I was thinking about my daughter. Like, ‘You gotta make it home,'” Delgado told NBC6.

Another man, named Christopher Urena, who was with Delgado and his entourage, also fired a weapon and hit someone – presumably in the rapper’s entourage – and paralyzed him.

There was no big media alert that DaBaby was released from questions or statements that dismissed that he had something to do with the shooting — outside of the alleged gunman being signed to his label.

Wisdom is being held without bond.

As for Delgado, his team is looking to sue the restaurant where the incident took place.

His lawyer Josiah Graham stated, “Should there have been proper security guards out there? This is not the wild wild west. And we can’t just act like that.”