Dame Dash Discusses Arrest Warrant Issued For Unpaid Child Support (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Reports began to circulate that an arrest warrant has been issued for Hip Hop businessman Dame Dash. After the 43-year-old Harlem native failed to show up to court, a New York judge ordered Dash to pay $340,000 in child support to his ex-wife Rachel Roy or face going to jail.

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Dame is now responding to the arrest warrant. The co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records spoke with Boyce Watkins about the matter.

“I don’t know what’s really going on, but like I told you, they started cheating,” said Dash. “The dude Donnell Suares I guess got a warrant, because I’m in L.A. and I never got the dates or times to come back to the court. I never got served anything.”

Suares is the attorney representing the mother of Dash’s children. During his Watkins interview, Dame referred to the lawyer as “crooked” and a “piece of dog sh*t” that is attempting to separate his family for money.

This is not the first time Dame has expressed his frustration with Suares. In February, Dame called Suares  a “coward” and a “culture vulture” on Instagram. Suares issued a statement to AllHipHop.com at the time.

“I simply represent people who are seeking support for their children and are having difficulty collecting child support from financially delinquent parents,” Suares relayed to AllHipHop.com at the time. “It is my privilege to assist this brave woman in her fight to support her children. Despite these attacks, I will continue to help those in need of representation when they need it most.”

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Watch Dame Dash’s interview below.