Dame Dash On Fiancée Giving Him An Engagement Ring: “I Loved It”

Dame Dash

Dame Dash discussed his engagement to Raquel “Rocky” Horn and revealed why the couple hasn’t gotten married yet.

Dame Dash was delighted to receive an engagement ring from his fiancée Raquel “Rocky” Horn.

In an interview with entertainment journalist/podcaster Allison Kugel, Dame Dash opened up about his future wife providing him with his own engagement ring. The Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder also explained why he and Horn haven’t tied the knot yet.

“I loved it,” the Hip Hop mogul said regarding the ring. “It was beautiful. She had already accepted my engagement. We’ve asked each other to marry each other so many times, but it’s my tax problems. We are almost there. We have a baby and we are so in love. It just goes without saying.”

Dame Dash added, “We want to get married, but I just have to get my taxes right, and we would probably be married already if it hadn’t been for COVID. I tried to get married so many times in Vegas, but Rocky said her mother would kill her. We are very untraditional people but with traditional sensibilities.”

During the conversation, Horn jumped on the video call to show Krugel the ring. Dame Dash’s fiancée then detailed why she made the purchase and how she gifted it to her longtime partner.

“I’ve been wanting to give him that,” she said. “Damon’s birthstone is emerald, and I’ve loved emeralds since I was a little kid, so it was a really special thing, and I got it for him for an engagement ring. I thought, ‘Why do girls always get the engagement ring?’ So, I got him an engagement ring too and he loves it. I didn’t get down on one knee. I just surprised him with the jewelry.”

Dame Dash began dating Horn in 2015 and officially proposed to her earlier this year. Horn gave birth to the couple’s first child together in November 2020.