Dame Dash Praises Jay Z Recent Moves Against Competition

Jay Z gets the nod from Dame

Dame Dash was not party to the TIDAL concerts that took place last week with former business partner Jay Z shaking up the world briefly.

However, Dame definitely has an opinion on the stance that the mogul took against his competition in streaming media.

During the concert, Jay Z lyrically took jabs at Spotify, Apple, YouTube and other entities that have made billions off of consumers. This was to Dame’s delight and he expressed his points to interviewer Boyce Watkins.

I was really happy that the disses are now toward the corporate infrastructure, the machine, the awareness. I’m like that, I know Jay, and you know, as my experience with him, whatever is winning, he’s going to embrace. So if bringing awareness to being robbed as a culture is what’s now in style, and hopefully, that’s what I wanted to happen – if the most commercial person that I know, if the person that is going with [what] the masses are going to go with, is saying that, then that’s where the whole tide is going. Of course the timing of it may make it look like a marketing plan but good. Everything he does is a marketing plan. So if being independent is a marketing plan, then that’s good.”

Check out the entire interview below.