Dame Dash Takes Aim At Complex's Marc Ecko, Calls Him A "Culture Vulture"


(AllHipHop News) Damon Dash is not done calling out individuals in the industry that he sees as hurting the culture. The veteran mogul announced he was declaring war on Complex during a recent interview with Hip Hop Motivation, and Dame continued his take down of the company’s founder Marc Ecko on Instagram.

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The Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder posted a picture of Ecko on IG with a caption which referred to the fashion designer as a “culture vulture.” The creator of the Eckō Unltd joins Lyor CohenSteve Stoute, and Joie Manda on Dash’s list of executives he has marked as stealing from Hip Hop for their own gain. Dame’s message also takes issue with DJ Vlad of VladTV.

Dame wrote on IG:

This is Marc Ecko to me he is the fashion version of Lyor Cohen his Buisness [sic] model is make money of urban people… He did it in fashion but Ecko got corny fast now he thinks he’s gonna do it again with content…when @complex plays artist videos on there sights and all of the artist content on@complex and @vladtv how come they get paid and the artist don’t?….there are commercials… I asked@vladtv and he said he was doing us a favor promoting our stuff while they got paid… Please don’t try to play the millennial generation I’m gonna at least give my culture the information so they don’t get robbed early and he doesn’t own @complex a hedge fund does he’s a nerd with a hedge fund who’s Buisness [sic] model is Rob our culture#culturevulture no disrespected to complex staff yall always been cool wit me but your man is out of line and he’s a lame and I’m not just gonna talk about it im going to make a move on you and your whole company watch.. I walk it like I talk it… This is a fight a lot won’t understand but trust me you will thank me later business is war everyday I’m just gonna let yall see it first hand

Dash IG

Dash previously worked with Ecko during Kevin Powell’’s Congressional campaign. The two co-hosted a fundraiser for the noted Hip Hop journalist at Dash’’s art gallery in 2010.

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