Damon Dash Takes Control Of His Image In New Reality Show

Damon Dash

Damon Dash is about to return to the television, in a reality show called “In Love for A Living” that will focus on rehabilitating his image!

Damon Dash is producing a brand new reality series where he is in control of the final chop.

In his new docu-series, “In Love for A Living,” he hopes to soften the popular image of him as a bull in a china shop.

As the Executive Producer, Dash gets to curate how he, his fiancée Rachel Horn and their new son Dusko are portrayed.

In an interview with Deadline.com, the Roc-a-Fella founder stated, “I’ve been on a couple of shows. I was on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ and a couple of other ones with BET and VH1, and I never really liked the way the narrator portrayed me or the way we were projected, and I wanted to just showcase the reality of what it just looks like to be in a great relationship, as opposed to just showcasing the trauma and the dysfunction of our culture.

“I wanted to showcase what it looks like to have a healthy, normal, loving relationship and come from this world,” Damon Dash continued.

The show will cover some very sensitive subjects, humanizing the man that is behind much of Jay-Z’s early success.

“In Love for a Living is really celebrating our love, Raquel, and I, and all the things that come with it, the trials, the tribulations,” Dash shared. “But also, it’s sort of educational. So, a lot of it is about parenting and getting pregnant, IVF, and then after you have a baby, how to raise a baby or at least doing what we’re doing because we’ve been curating a very particular curriculum for him with these principles, OSG, which is 90 principles.”

One of Hip-Hop’s most innovative thinkers, he doesn’t have to shop this project to any major network if he doesn’t want to.

He notes, “I have my own television network; I have my own streaming service and it only makes sense for me to make my own show.” Hustle … We taking notes, Dame. We taking notes.