Damon Dash Summoned To Court Deposition In War With Filmmaker And Lawyer

Damon Dash

Damon exploded in anger during his last deposition. Will the rap mogul be able to keep his cool this time? 

A judge has ordered Damon Dash to appear for a deposition in a defamation lawsuit brought by producer/director Josh Webber.

Webber filed the lawsuit earlier this year, accusing Dash of making comments that allegedly cost him a $6 million deal.

According to court documents, the filmmaker claims he lost a $6 million investment on a project “which specifically references the actions of Dash as the reason the contract was terminated.”

Damon Dash had been due to appear for a deposition in the case on November 20th, but was a no show.

Now a judge has ordered Dash to turn up for the deposition “no later than the end of January 2021.”

If he doesn’t turn up, he will lose his case, and a “default judgment will be entered in favor of Plaintiffs”, according to the order.