Damon Dash Wants Hundreds-Of-Thousands From Ex-Wife Rachel Roy’s Business

Damon claims he had a verbal agreement with his wife, who was supposed to sell him a stake in her popular fashion brand, Rachel Roy.

(AllHipHop News) Damon Dash is suing his ex-wife for a cut of her fashion company cash.

The rap mogul claims Rachel Roy has been hiding money that is rightfully his.

According to documents, Dash alleges his ex conspired with other companies to keep cash away from her former husband, claiming they “manipulated, diverted, misappropriated, transferred, concealed and embezzled funds.”

Damon insists he’s entitled to royalties because he was married to Rachel when she formed the company in 2008.

He’s suing her and a handful of associates, accountants, and lawyers, calling on lawmakers to force Roy to open her accounts, so he can determine how much he is owed.

Damon Dash’s and Rachel Roy’s custody battle over their kid is getting nasty.

Last year, the former couple squared off in court during an ongoing custody battle over their daughter Tallulah.

Rachel told a judge Damon frequently gets high in front of the kids and has given them all anxiety due to his erratic behavior.

Damon Dash snapped back, accusing Rachel of being an unfit mother and a drunk who put her career above her family.