Danny Brown Admits He Was Drunken Mess While Making “Scaring The Hoes” Album

Danny Brown

Danny Brown released his ‘Scaring the Hoes’ album with JPEGMAFIA before checking himself into rehab for alcohol abuse.

Danny Brown wondered if his drinking ruined his chances to create another album with JPEGMAFIA. Brown recently told The Guardian his alcohol abuse was at its worst during the recording of their Scaring the Hoes album, which dropped in March.

“When we were making it, it was really hard to work with me,” Brown said. “I was at my drunkest at that time. There would be times when he’d come down here and I’d get blacked-out drunk and we wouldn’t do s### for a weekend, but then there’d be times when he’d come and I’d do five songs in a day. I would love to make another album, but I would understand if [JPEGMAFIA] never wanted to work with me again.”

Brown announced he was checking himself into rehab soon after the release of Scaring the Hoes. He said his rehab stint humbled him on a May episode of The Danny Brown Show.

According to The Guardian, Brown has not had a drink in more than 200 days. His sobriety helped him find more joy in his live performances.

“I actually started to have fun being on stage again,” he said. “Doing the shows sober almost became like a therapeutic thing, to just see the people in the crowd smiling and being happy and having a good time. That energy translated to me, so it was like I was getting my fix every day with that.”

Brown is scheduled to release his new solo album Quaranta on November 17. He viewed the project as a “happy ending” to his struggles with alcohol and depression.