Dave Chappelle Attacker Isaiah Lee Says He Wanted Attention For His Rap Career

Dave Chappelle

The outrageous moment when Will Smith smacked Chris Rock inspired Dave Chappelle’s attacker to try and kill the comedian! Read more!

The man who allegedly attacked Dave Chappelle at a recent comedy show has claimed he was inspired by Will Smith’s Oscar slap.

Isaiah Lee, who is accused of tackling the comedy star during his “Netflix Is A Joke” set at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this month, told The New York Post in an interview released on Monday that he was emboldened by the shocking incident.

Smith walked on stage during the Academy Awards live telecast in March over a joke Chris Rock made about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Speaking from Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles, Lee called Rock’s joke “tasteless” and applauded Smith for “standing up for his wife.”

Lee continued, “That’s not right what (Chris Rock) said about (Smith’s) wife, calling her GI Jane.” He also confessed the attack was meant to elevate his own profile as a rapper.

“I’m not going to lie… it was a bit of clout-chasing,” he stated to the publication. “In Hollywood, you know they say there is no such thing as bad publicity. I rap about these things in my music and knew it would get attention.”

Elsewhere, Isaiah Lee revealed the attack has earned him celebrity status with his inmates, saying, “They come up to me and ask, ‘Hey, are you the guy who went up to Dave Chappelle?'”

Lee was charged with battery, possessing a deadly weapon with intent to assault, unauthorized access to the stage area during a performance, and commission of an act that delays the event or interferes with the performer over the incident. He has pleaded guilty.

In the days after the incident, Chappelle’s representative insisted he didn’t want the attack to “overshadow the magic” of the comedy event.