Dave East Addresses Alleged Battery In Las Vegas Hotel Room

The ‘Survival’ creator recalls went down in Sin City.

(AllHipHop News) In September, David “Dave East” Brewster Jr. was accused of attacking a woman in Las Vegas after a sexual experience went wrong. East’s lawyer gave a statement about the situation when the news broke.

The woman threw a soap dispenser and bottles of champagne at Dave. One of the bottles shattered on the wall, sending glass flying and cutting Dave. Another bottle hit Dave with force in the head. The woman sought to continue her assault,” Stacey Richman told AllHipHop.

Richman added, “Dave did not respond with violence. Instead, Dave was concerned for everyone’s safety. Dave justifiably took the woman by the arm and put her out of the room. Dave did not assault anyone. He was ordered by his doctor to get a CAT scan after the incident. We are waiting on the results. It was later learned that the woman had secreted Dave’s phones in her handbag.”

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East has now personally addressed the Vegas incident. The star of Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga series recently spoke with The Morning Hustle show.

“Two of the chicks were like, ‘Can we use the bathroom?’ I said, ‘Yeah, go ahead.’ I forgot my jewelry was in there,” explained East. “I got up and went in there. Shorty was trying this on. It got my daughter’s initials on it… I’m like, ‘What are you doing? I don’t know you.'”

He continued, “Then her friend caught an attitude, ‘Nobody’s trying to steal nothing from you.’ [I said,] ‘First of all, I ain’t say y’all was trying to steal. Why you say that? Matter of fact, y’all get y’all sh*t and get out.’ It went from that to ‘bottle service.’ Shorty threw three bottles at me – cut my arm, my leg.”

Dave East admitted he made a mistake by having the women in his room and went on to say he should have brought the guests to one of his friends’ room. The Harlem emcee also denied he was having a threesome with the alleged victim.