David Crosby Questions Tupac’s Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Nomination – But He Loves Macklemore


(AllHipHop News) Rock & Roll Hall of Famer David Crosby visited the SiriusXM studios yesterday (October 28), where he once again blasted Hip-Hop music.

Crosby made headlines for comments he made about Kanye West’s lack of musical ability earlier this week, during an interview on “Watch What Happens Live.”

Now, the aging rocker and former member of Crosby Stills & Nash, is questioning whether or not Tupac Shakur should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

“You know, that’s a mixed blessing. He [Tupac] means a lot to a lot of people. And so, therefore, has validity. Do I love his stuff? No. But, am I the final arbiter? No,” David Crosby says in an upcoming interview airing on SiriusXM’s Insight channel 121.

It looks like Crosby’s son Django, who told his father he was was “full of s##t,” for his comments, has helped him soften his opinion on the entire genre.

“He took out a record called ‘Same Love’ by a guy named Macklemore and I started hearing it and I printed out the words and they were good…they were really good. And I had to rethink the whole thing.”

David Crosby also gave props to “Hamilton” creator Lin- Manuel Miranda, whom he labels a “genius” and “fantastic writer.”

The interview with David Crosby will air on Monday, October 31 at 4:00 pm ET on SiriusXM’s Insight channel 121