Daylyt Claims Joe Budden Was Supposed To Pay Him To Throw ‘Total Slaughter’ Battle (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Back in 2014, Daylyt essentially quit during his battle against T-Rex at the Total Slaughter event. The match up ended when the Watts rhymer ripped off his Spawn costume and pretended to defecate on the stage.

Daylyt recently stopped by Sway In The Morning to promote his new project Words. The conversation included the veteran battler claiming Joe Budden was supposed to pay him $30,000 to throw his face off at Total Slaughter.

According to Day, Budden and fellow Slaughterhouse member Kxng Crooked (aka Crooked I) placed a wager on the T-Rex battle. Apparently, Budden wanted Daylyt to lose on purpose so he would not have to pay Crooked.

“I was supposed to get a large amount of money to throw the battle which I threw the battle. I blew it,” said Daylyt. “The rest of it didn’t come through.”

Sway Calloway then called Crooked on the phone. The Long Beach native stated he could not recall if he placed the bet with Budden, but he did slightly back up Daylyt.

“I can’t remember, but that’s because my memory ain’t what it used to be,” added Crooked. “But if Daylyt said it, I got no reason not to believe him.”

Following Total Slaughter, Daylyt posted a tweet that suggested his “taking sh-t on stage” was an announcement that he was done with battle rap. He did not mention the supposed Joe Budden conversation.

Watch Daylyt’s interview below.