Daz Dillinger Brawls With Ricky Harris’ Cousin Over Snoop At Funeral


(AllHipHop News)
more details are emerging in a fight between Snoop Dogg’s bodyguards, and a man during the funeral for comedian Ricky Harris.

A fight broke out during the deceased comedian’s funeral on Tuesday (January 4), when a man who turned out to be Ricky Harris’ cousin attempted to rush snoop.

The man got to close to Snoop and called him a “bi##h ass n##ga,” before Daz Dillinger and another associate of Snoop’s immediately intervened.

The rap star’s bodyguard eventually threw Harris’s cousin out of the funeral.

According to sources, the beef with Harris’s cousin was personal, and had nothing to do with separate issues Snoop was reportedly having with the Rollin’ 20 Crips in Long Beach.

Check out the footage of the brawl below: