Daz Dillinger Seeks To Sue DJ Mustard Sampling His Snoop Dogg Song


(AllHipHop News) Veteran rapper and producer Daz Dillinger has taken exception to clear similarities between a song he dropped in the 90’s to a recent track produced by DJ Mustard.

The songs in question are 1994’s “Who Got Some Gangsta S**t,” by Snoop Dogg and The Dogg Pound and 2014’s “My Main” by Mila J.

“You can play this song by DJ Mustard…’My Main.’ They stole this, but I don’t get no publishing so I gotta sue the publishing company,” Daz said. “DJ Mustard ain’t give us no publishing…he ain’t give us nothing.”

In a video, Daz maintains he’s going after Sony Publishing, who apparently seeks to avert a lawsuit.

The West coast staple continued, “They gave me back all my copyrights, which is unheard of, ‘cause they in the wrong. They like, ‘We don’t wanna deal with this. Give him all his s**t back…we’ll just give it all to him. And then you can sue us after that. So that’s what I’m doing. Getting all my publishing back and then I go after DJ Mustard.”

In the video, Daz chronicles how a face to face interaction with DJ Mustard went. He also states that DJ Mustard didn’t actually construct the song in question.

“He just put his name on it,”Daz stated.

Check the technique.

And the…similarities.