DC Comics And Rihanna Prepare For Legal War

Rihanna Vs Superheroes?

robinDC Comics and Rihanna are heading to war, but its not some Gotham comic book caper.

Holy Names, Batman!

Rihanna seeks to legally trademark hr birth name, Robyn, but DC has objected saying that the name is too close to Batman’s sidekick Robin.

”[Rihanna’s] registration is likely to cause dilution by blurring and tarnishing the famous opposer’s mark” and is likely to cause confusion, cause mistake, or to deceive the public,” said a complaint by DC.

According to PageSix, Rihanna’s firm, Roraj Trade, tried to trademark the name “Robyn” on June 23, 2014. DC blocked the move and filed a complaint in the US Patent and Trademark Office on May 11, 2015. It seems like Rihanna has plans for a magazine called “Robyn.”

Robin first appeared in comic form in 1940.