De La Soul Assembles All-Star Ensemble On Anti-Trump Song “Remove 45”

De La Soul

Styles P., Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Mysonne & Chuck D goes hard at President Trump on this politically charged banger. 

Native Tongue fans from all across the world are celebrating new music from the iconic group, De La Soul.

It has been over four years since the trio dropped, the Grammy-nominated And The Anonymous Nobody. It would be the fourth time that group was invited to the big music industry dance, and their sixth nomination (having won one for Best Pop Collaborations with Vocals in 2006). 

Those who have come to appreciate Posdnuos’ intricate lyricism and Dave aka Trugoy refreshing flow enjoyed the offering but have been thirsting for a new splash, something that would not only bob their heads, wet their whistle, add profoundly to their remarkable discography that almost always is populated with classic Hip-Hop music, but also move them to act in power.

Their fans know that music is supposed to move you to act in power. 

Hallelujah! These rap gods have heard and answered their fans’ cry, with their latest release called, “Remove 45.”

The song features some of their friends: Styles P, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, rap activist Mysonne & Chuck D. The song is saturated with bar alchemists, who have spit pure gold in this politically charged track aimed to get people out to vote— pointing to facts as to why President Trump has to go. 

“When it comes to this president and his administration we need to exercise our right to vote and REMOVE him from office,” says POS.

Earlier this year, Dave found himself admitted into Georgetown University Hospital after facing a life-changing stint after battling congestive heart failure. His group held him down in a way that the current president could never.

Many people have found themselves hospitalized due to all kinds of ailments, and many of Donald Trump’s statements and his administration’s positions on the nation’s health care have been reckless (as per many of the nation’s leading health professionals) and dangerous. 

While some celebrities, like Dave, can afford hospitalization … should the president dissolve the affordable care act (Obama Care) many lay people will be left for dead not being able to shoulder the burdens that come with extraordinary hospital bills.

“Remove 45” aims to encourage people to get out to vote and will be a little taste of what is soon to come. 

The legendary group is in the lab working on a new project produced by none other than DJ Premier and Pete Rock, arguably two of the biggest superstar producers of the culture.