Death Row Records Sold Again In Deal Worth A Quarter Billion

Dr. Dre and Suge Knight

Death Row Records has changed ownership once again in a huge deal.

The Death Row Records catalog has been sold again.

In April of 2019, eOne Music acquired the label that had the West Coast dominating music in the 90s for $215 million.

Less than six months later, eOne music became a part of the Hasbro toy company empire after it acquired the property in a billion-dollar buyout the following August.

Now, financial giant Blackstone has bought the Death Row music rights in part of the acquisition of Entertainment One Music (eOne Music) for $385 million in cash.

“This transaction will ensure that eOne Music is well-positioned to unlock great opportunities for its many talented artists and partners,” said Hasbro’s Chairman and CEO Brian Goldner. “On behalf of the Board and Hasbro management, I want to recognize the strong leadership of Chris Taylor and the entire eOne Music organization.”

“I’m excited to continue to lead and grow this exceptional business,” Chris Taylor, the eOne Music Global President stated. “We want the creative community to know that we are focused on making sure that this only benefits them and the work we do together. I also want to thank Brian Goldner and Hasbro for their support and partnership.”

Death Row was once one of the most powerful labels in Hip-Hop. With artists like Tupac, Snoop, and Dr. Dre on the roster, they were set up to be a beacon of Black entrepreneurism.

However, bad business, gang activity, and murder plagued the record company not even ten years into their chart-topping stride.

The label’s co-founder/CEO Marion “Suge” Knight decided to bankrupt Death Row after a legal battle with Michael “Harry-O” Harris and his ex-wife Lydia Harris.

The label was bought by a company called Wide-Awake Entertainment before eOne Music acquired the legendary brand.

RBX Says Death Row May Be Sold Again

Now, outsiders control what happens to its legacy.

It is a sad story of loss for not just Suge Knight, the head of the infamous entertainment brand, but for all who love and understand its legacy in rap history.