Desiigner Gets In Heated Exchange With Cops During L.A. Traffic Stop: “Keep Your Hands off Your Gun”

Desiigner was live on IG Live during the tense shouting match with cops, catching the attention of Tariq Nasheed, who happened to be nearby.

Desiigner got into a shouting match with L.A. cops after a traffic stop went wrong on Wednesday (Jun. 1), leading to a tense exchange that was made a little smoother by a passerby who just so happened to be Tariq Nasheed.  

As reported by TMZ, cops claim the “Panda” hitmaker was pulled over for driving without license plates. They also took issue with the tinted windows on his vehicle and made a stop. Desiigner then reportedly left his car to approach the officer.  

In the video of the altercation obtained by TMZ, Desiigner becomes angry after noticing the cop has his pepper spray in hand. He rants at the cops, calling one “a racist b####,” telling them there’s no need to use force.  

When Desiigner spots a bystander filming, he yells, “You know who I am right? Desiigner. Panda. Let the world know,” while using his own phone to document the incident on IG Live. 

Desiigner Tells Cops “Keep Your Hands off Your Gun”

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“This is bigger than Freddie Gibbs, all them n#####,” he tells the camera. He then asks for another cop to approach, yelling, “I do not feel comfortable with you. Can you please back up,” before claiming. “You threatened me multiple times,” again requesting the officer back off.  

A cop can be heard off-camera asking for “a conversation” when Desiigner suddenly begins pleading with officers. “Please, please keep your hands off your gun,” he begs repeatedly. “I don’t got s###,” he adds.  

Cops then repeat their request to “have a conversation,” telling him they’re only in the situation because “you got upset” and began yelling. 

The rapper then complains the cop threatened him “multiple times,” adding, “Suck my dick. You violated me bro.” 

According to TMZ, cops were able to diffuse things, and Desiigner was eventually given a ticket and went on his way. However, not before documentary filmmaker and internet personality Tariq Nasheed got involved. 

“I was driving down the street here in #LA,” he noted on Instagram, sharing his own footage of the incident. “I saw the #LAPD surrounding this random brotha at a gas station. The cops had their hands on their gun holsters, so I pulled over and walked over to the brotha to make sure he was ok. From what I gathered, the cops were following the brotha because he happened to be in a nice car. When I left, I realized that it was the rapper @lifeofdesiigner.” 

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AllHipHop reached out to the rapper’s team and confirmed that Desiigner is all good and out of the situation.