Desiigner Shares Update From Mental Health Facility; Releasing New Music


To celebrate his 26th birthday, Desiigner is dropping “Timmy Turner 2” on Friday, despite checking himself into a facility.

Desiigner has updated fans after checking himself into a mental health facility after being hit with charges for allegedly exposing himself during a flight

The “Panda” rapper took to Instagram on Wednesday night (May 3), revealing he checked in to a facility last week but still wants to give his fans the music he’s been working on over the past year.  

“I turned 26 today and i want to thank ya’ll for holding me down,” Desiigner began. “I admitted myself into a facility last week to focus on my mental health. But before that i had planned to release TIIMMY TURNER 2 this week as a surprise to my fans. I recorded this joint a while ago and it reflects on where i’ve been mentally over the past year.” 

Desiigner explained he asked his team to drop the song Friday (May 5) as a birthday gift to his fans. “Sorry i can’t promote it the way i like to cause i’m off the grid,” he added. “But i just want to give you some new music while i take time away to become a better me. ” 

He continued, “I’m going through a tough time right now but i won’t let my struggles define who i am. I will come back stronger and make more music that connects with all of you on a deeper level.” Desiigner concluded by urging others to seek help if their suffering from mental health issues. Read his post below.

Desiigner Facing Criminal Charges After Admitting To Masturbating During Flight

The Brooklyn native reportedly faces indecent exposure charges after allegedly masturbating on a plane and revealing himself to multiple people. Flight attendants allegedly told him several times to stop before friends escorted the rapper to the back of the plane.  

After landing, he allegedly told authorities the incident occurred because he “didn’t really get much cootie” while in Japan