Details Of Tsu Surf’s RICO Case Emerge

The Feds have laid out some of their case against battle rapper Tsu Surf and nine other men they have charged with RICO. Read more here.

Tsu Surf has been indicted by a Newark, NJ grand jury as party to an ongoing RICO case that had the famous battle rapper as one of 10 people named by the feds.

Federal prosecutors believe that Surf, real name is Rahjon Cox, is an active member of a Rollin’ 60s Neighborhood Crips sect. They say the New Jersey crew is called the Silverbacc Gorillas or “SBG,” according to Lisa Evers of New York’s Fox 5.

Surf and his co-defendants are accused of murder, moving drugs, robbery, theft and another unnamed illicit activities. The feds have been watching them since 2015.

They say Surf shot a gun at a rival in March of 2017 and another individual is accused of crippling a “rival gang member” in another instance. They allege they sold weed in a DM convo on Instagram.

Here are the other men named in the federal indictment.

  • Jason Franklin, also known as “Freak” or “OG Freak”
  • Elijah Williams, also known as “Lil Smith”
  • Tre Byrd, also known as “Bangs or “G Bandz”
  • Kareem Green, also known as “Try Me”
  • Tyheim Terry, also known as “Ty” or “Rollin’ Ty”
  • Amir Warden, also known as “Stamps” or “Killa”
  • Amir Edmons, also known as “G Baby”
  • Abdul Yarrell, also known as “Runit Up” or “BB”
  • Nygee Johnson, also known as “Gito”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey did not immediately respond to calls by AllHipHop requesting a statement.