Did Kim Kardashian-West Really Snub Hubby Kanye For Joe Biden?

Kanye West

Social media sleuths believe some posts from Kim Kardashian-West vote for Joe Biden for President instead of her husband Kanye West!

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Kim Kardashian-West has emerged as an important voice in pop culture’s political conversation.

Raised in a staunchly Republican family, the multimillion-dollar influencer has spent the last year supporting her husband, Kanye West in his presidential bid and developing a relationship with Donald Trump to free individuals who were unjustly incarcerated.

Despite her relationships, Kim kept her actual vote in the 2020 presidential election close to her breast.

Prior to Nov. 3rd, she had like and unliked several tweets that seemed to suggest that she was leaning toward the Democratic ticket. However, on election day, she posted a selfie angled to show her crimson dress and “I Voted” sticker.

Fans believed that the image suggested that she voted for Trump since red is the color of the GOP. She deleted the image and then reloaded it as a black and white image to calm down some of the ruckus.

Some fans believe that Kim gave a hint as to who she picked to be the 46th president.

Four days after casting her vote, even after the networks declared Joe Biden the president-elect and Kamala Harris the first African-American, Asian-American, and woman to be the vice president-elect, she posted some things to her social media that might have signaled that she might have voted for the winning ticket.

She posted the picture of the Biden-Harris team with their hands raised in triumph above their heads in the air. Then she posted Harris’ “We did it, Joe” and Biden’s post.

Question: do you think that she will engage the new administration as she did with Trump? Now that she is ten-toes down in prison reform and law, we are sure she is already reaching out so that she can impact change.