Diddy Confirms Biggie’s “I Got A Story To Tell” Anthony Mason Revelation; Charles Oakley Gets Upset


(AllHipHop News) Fat Joe may have had some regrets when he recently revealed that Biggie’s legendary track “I Got A Story To Tell” was about former NY Knicks star Anthony Mason.

But, Hip-Hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has showed him some support by echoing the same sentiments.

On an interview with The Breakfast Club,  Diddy, who had a very well publicized business and friendship with Biggie before his untimely death in 1997, provided further confirmation on the subject of the track.

“With this tour you’ll be able to hear those stories come out. This is the time to tell all those stories. We’re actually shooting a documentary, so all of that is coming out. That story’s true I can confirm that. I can confirm that with love.”

A great mystery in Hip-Hop finally being revealed has even caused a bit of controversy in the sports world as well.

Former NBA star Charles Oakley criticized Fat Joe while talking to TMZ.com stating “you don’t talk about a guy after he’s deceased, definitely disrespectful.”

Oakley went on to state that he had a close relationship with Mason and the two even played together as they both helped the Knicks reach the 1994 NBA Finals.