Diddy’s Former Nanny Claims He’s Withholding Evidence In Wrongful Termination Case


Diddy’s ex-nanny sued him in 2022, claiming the Bad Boy Records founder fired her because she became pregnant outside of marriage.

Diddy’s ex-nanny accused him of refusing to turn over the information she requested in her lawsuit against him. According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Raven Walden asked a judge to compel the Hip-Hop mogul to produce evidence she asked for months ago.

Raven’s lawyers urged a judge to impose sanctions on Diddy. The former nanny’s attorneys claimed Diddy and his legal team “abused the discovery process with impunity and have shown no regard for this Court’s directions to them, their own promises, or their discovery obligations.”

Last year, Raven sued Diddy for allegedly firing her over her pregnancy. She accused Diddy of letting her go after she requested maternity leave. She said he told her she “set a bad example” for his daughters by getting pregnant outside of marriage.

Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, asked a judge to throw out the lawsuit. He insisted the nanny’s firing was in good faith and not discriminatory.

The Bad Boy Records founder believed Raven was “not performing all of her job duties as required” and “received compensation for work that was not performed, thus resulting in wages being paid to [her] that were not owed.” The former nanny sought an unspecified amount in damages over her firing.