Digital Underground's Shock G Speaks On 2Pac's Last Moments Before His Death (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Before Tupac Shakur became the face of Death Row Records, the legendary emcee was associated with Hip Hop group Digital Underground. Pac famously appeared on the Oakland crew’s single “Same Song,” and Digital Underground members Greg “Shock G” Jacobs and Ron “Money-B” Brooks later added verses to Pac’s Top 20 hit “I Get Around.”

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In a video recently posted to Jesse Surratt’s YouTube channel, Shock G shares his thoughts on 2Pac. He first explained how he believed the performer was a spiritual being while he was still living.

“I knew he was an angel. Not an angel [in] a storybook, an angel for real, in this real world,” said G. “[He kept] getting saved and getting kept out of harm’s way, until it got too intense for him to live in this form, in the flesh, much longer on this planet. It was harder for him to live.”

G then spoke about the final moments of 2Pac’s life. He relayed a story he heard from someone that was close to the rapper when he died.

“There was somebody in the room when Pac finally took that one little bit of consciousness after being in the hospital two years after that final shooting,” G added. “He came to for a little bit, looked around the room, and knew he was there. He was listening.”

According to Shock G, the people with Pac at the time explained to him what happened and told him one of his lungs was removed.

“When he heard that they say he just went… closed his eyes. He let go. He wasn’t fighting to hold it no more. [He said,] ‘Me with one lung, it ain’t gonna work. I can’t be Pac with a cane.’ It wasn’t how he operated,” stated G. “It would have took the victory of all the things that he’s done and said. I think he knew that it would weakened his statement.”

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Watch Shock G’s interview below.