Dirty Ex-Atlanta Cop Sentenced To Decade In Prison For His Role In Bankroll Freddie’s Robbery

The former officer says he was forced to participate in the crime.

The former dirty cop, who resigned because he was under investigation after being suspected of making warrants go away for street guys, will spend the next decade in jail for his role in a crime against a local Atlanta rapper.

Earlier in the month, Justin Mikale Thorne, 26, pled guilty to multiple felony charges related to the 2019-armed robbery of rapper Bankroll Freddie (Freddie Gladney III).

According to WSB-TV, Thorne once alleged the reason why he was wrangled into the robbery was because someone had threatened his family.

The robbery took place on the morning of Oct. 17, 2019, at the Comfort Inn and Suites, near The Battery in Cobb County. Thorne is seen on surveillance parking at the motel and at some point, talking to two men inside of a Toyota Camry.

An investigation into the robbery discovered damning evidence, such as surveillance photos and videos of Thorne in his Atlanta Police Department uniform playing lookout for the same men from earlier— who eventually rob Bankroll Freddie and his cousin.

Before the robbery, the ex-cop was rocking his badge and his gun and appeared to be patrolling the fourth floor.

This was enough to secure an indictment, which led to the ex-APD officer admitting to his role in the crime.

Outside of the robbery, Bankroll Freddie seems to keep finding himself in the news.

Currently, according to AllHipHop.com,  the rapper, his father, Freddie Gladney, Jr., brothers, and a sister, are at the center of an FBI investigation into gang violence and drug trafficking in Arkansas.

In February, the father was allegedly overheard on wiretaps discussing drugs and guns with three of his sons and arranging drug sales through a daughter.

They are all now considered co-defendants.