Dizaster Calls His Performance Against Cassidy "Sloppy"; Lush One Calls The Battle "A Classic" (VIDEOS)


(AllHipHop News) The Cassidy versus Dizaster battle did not end on Saturday the way organizers had planned. The two titans had to finish their “Ether” event face-off the following day in a parking garage. Despite the setbacks Diz believes his opponent performed well, but the California native was not as proud of his own showing.

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Dizaster told BattleRap.com:

[The battle was] a little sloppy on my behalf. A lot of bulls**t came with this man. People don’t understand. The Internet was really kept in the dark about a lot of this s**t. People there were here know there was a lot of gang s### involved for the past two days… It’s just like redoing it. I feel like if we did it the first time – it just worked out right – I would have done everything right. I was just sloppy. I freestyled too much.

Dizaster added he felt that Cass had a “perfect presentation” and his flow was better. He did believe he had stronger bars than Cassidy though.

While Diz was critical of himself, one of the promoters for the battle thought the face-off was one for the ages. Fresh Coast’s Lush One also spoke about the contest with BR.

Lush said:

A classic. Unparalleled. A battle that’s gonna fold the muthafu**king Internet. This is what battle rap came from. It came from these types of environments of emcees going back-and-forth. It’s controlled chaos in its purist form and we brought it back to that.

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Watch the Dizaster and Lush One interviews below.