DJ Akademiks Talks 21 Savage Helping To End His Beef With Meek Mill

21 Savage Meek Mill

Find out what the controversial blogger had to say about his longtime rival.

Hot take creator DJ Akademiks has been in the news a lot lately. Before upsetting some old-school Hip Hop fans and catching some pushback from T.I. for his Twitch rant about Reginae Carter, Ak was embroiled in a heated back-and-forth with Meek Mill.

As far back as 2017, Meek Mill publicly expressed his frustrations with DJ Akademiks. Three years later, the Dream Chasers leader called on Hip Hop followers to expel the outspoken blogger from the culture.

“Akademiks canceled because he’s a bad police and our culture don’t need them… He also gassed a lot of beef that got people killed and hurt and never donated a dollar to the culture! We gone holla at you next run champ lol,” tweeted Meek in 2020.

Akademiks fired back at Meek Mill by suggesting the Philadelphia native was attacking him because he was too afraid to address 6ix9ine. Ak also brought up Meek’s connection with Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez, a reported cooperating witness for the Drug Enforcement Administration in the 1990s.

It appears the beef between DJ Akademiks and Meek Mill has cooled off. During a sit-down with The Breakfast Club, Ak spoke about how another prominent rap star played a role in settling the bad blood.

“Me and Meek cool. We’re good now. I believe we’re good,” DJ Akademiks told DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God. “A wise man once told me, you don’t ever know if you’re really good with someone until you see them in person. But we did talk.”

Akademiks also said, “21 Savage did something I thought was very dope. He gave this explanation. He said, ‘When two friends are going at it if it goes far enough, you got to pick a side.’ And he basically said it was going to a point where he was going to be forced to be like, ‘Yo, are you really rocking with this n#### Ak or you rocking over here?’”

Apparently, 21 Savage eventually played the role of peacemaker between the two sides. Ak added, “He put us on the phone, and I got to salute Meek as well because I don’t think a younger Meek Mill would’ve been on the phone. I think Meek has shown a little bit of growth.”

According to DJ Akademiks, he and Meek Mill agreed to stop the “petty b#######” playing out on social media. The Off the Record podcast host went on to admit that both men will not likely be best friends but the situation can be amicable.

Akademiks closed out his comments by stating, “I thought that was a grown man discussion and I enjoyed it, and I appreciate 21 Savage for facilitating it.” The Breakfast Club interview also featured Ak discussing the backlash he received for calling Hip Hop pioneers “dusty.”