DJ Cassidy Celebrates National Pina Colada Day with Jermaine Dupri & Shaggy

DJ Cassidy

DJ Cassidy spun up a remix of the classic Yachty Rock song “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” featuring Rayvon and Shaggy. Take a looK!

DJ Cassidy has had one hell of a career, from DJing Barack Obama’s birthday to spinning at Jay-Z and Beyonce’s wedding. Now, he continues to bring vibes into any room he enters.

Most recently, DJ Cassidy celebrated National Pina Colada Day in beautiful Beverly Hills, California, for an exclusive, invite-only paradise-themed event at The Hideaway. The fun-filled evening included a special DJ performance by Jermaine Dupri, a guest DJ set by Jus Ske, standout performances by Shaggy and Rayvon, and a surprise performance by Estelle.

DJ Cassidy states, “I always dreamed of reinterpreting my favorite summer song of all time, the Rupert Holmes classic “Escape (The Pina Colada Song),” for modern times and dance floors around the world. After Shaggy and Ravyon closed the Reggae edition of my series Pass The Mic, I realized they were the iconic voices to turn my dream into a reality. The result is an epic sunshine-filled take on a Yacht Rock classic with massive dancehall and Hip-Hop energy.”

He continues, “I knew there was only one person to call: Jermaine Dupri. JD took us on a journey throughout the entire night, not only through fifty years of Hip-Hop but through the R&B music that inspired the culture. And of course, I ‘Passed The Mic’ to Shaggy and Rayvon who performed our new single, “If You Like Pina Coladas,” and even Estelle, who broke out into “American Boy.'”

Notable guests that attended the party of the summer included Evan Ross, Charlotte McKinney, Katie Cassidy, UFC star Luke Rockhold, Foodgod, O’Neal McKnight, Cynthia Bailey, All-American star Chelsea Tavares, Stephen Huszar, “Vanderpump Rules” star James Kennedy, Ally Lewber, Charli Burnett and others.

The event was hosted by DJ Cassidy, Shaggy, and Rayvon to toast their new music video remake and single “If You Like Pina Coladas.”

Check out some images below: