DJ Paul Hit With Lawsuit Over Viral Video Of Truck Caught In Tornado

DJ Paul

One of the DJ Paul’s Instagram posts may come back to bite him after an agency sued him for allegedly using its clip without permission.

Viral DRM, an agency specializing in digital rights management, sued DJ Paul for posting a video on Instagram. The company took legal action against the Three 6 Mafia founder over footage of a truck, which barely escaped disaster after it got caught in a tornado in Texas.

According to TMZ, Viral DRM claimed it owned the rights to the clip shared by DJ Paul. A man named Brian Emfinger filmed the video in March 2022.

Emfinger describes himself as a storm chaser and photojournalist on his YouTube channel. Last year, he uploaded the clip and mentioned Viral DRM as his contact for licensing the footage.

“Unbelievable video of a tornado and red truck,” he wrote in the YouTube video’s description. “The truck gets caught in the tornado, blown over on its side, spins around, and then the tornado blows it back right side up and amazingly somehow they drive away. Also includes Aerial video of the tornado that moved thru parts of Elgin, TX. The tornado did quite a bit of damage. Video via drone follows right behind the tornado as it does damage.”

DJ Paul posted the footage on his Instagram account in March 2022. Viral DRM accused him of sharing it without permission and sought damages for allegedly hindering the agency from making money off the video.

Watch the video at the center of the lawsuit below.