EXCLUSIVE: DJ Scratch Launches Albany Park Records, Paying Homage to Brooklyn Roots

DJ Scratch

DJ Scratch has launched a record label named after the housing projects where he was raised.- The Albany Houses in Brooklyn, New York. Read more!

Renowned DJ and producer DJ Scratch, famed for his association with the hip-hop group EPMD, has unveiled his new record label, Albany Park Records.

The label’s name pays tribute to the Albany Houses in Brooklyn, reflecting Scratch’s desire to maintain a solid connection to his roots while nurturing the next generation of musicians.

“I’ve been making music forever, so I’m just doing it under my own brand, and that’s really it, man,” he explained.

With over 30 years in the music industry, DJ Scratch is enthusiastic about utilizing his expertise to cultivate new talent under his brand.

Located in the Crown Heights neighborhood, the Albany Houses have been a haven for affordable housing since its establishment in 1948.

The bustling Brooklyn community proved to be a fertile ground for the young Scratch, as he became enamored with the sounds of hip-hop emanating from local street corners and parks.

As he honed his skills in the art of DJing, Scratch became a staple of the local music scene.

Through mentorship programs and workshops, DJ Scratch has helped inspire and support the next generation of musicians from the Albany Houses.

“Albany is where I’m from,” he said. “Anything I do is my hood related.”

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As Albany Park Records begins scouting for artists, DJ Scratch is committed to giving back to the community that has supported him throughout his career.

“Hip-Hop has blessed me, the fans have definitely blessed me, took care of my lifestyle for over 30 years, so I just want to put back out,” he said.

Before establishing Albany Park Records, Scratch initiated the Scratch Vision movement to discover and support up-and-coming DJs.

“When I started that, everybody wanted to put on artists, put on the next rapper, the next singer. I wanted to put on the next DJ, so that’s what Scratch Vision was for,” he recalled.

With his new record label, DJ Scratch is broadening his horizons to encompass talented musicians of all kinds. “I want to start working with artists and putting some artists out there as well,” he declared.

Albany Park Records is poised to significantly impact the music industry, guided by DJ Scratch’s wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to his roots. As the label takes shape, music enthusiasts eagerly await the emerging talent it will foster and champion.

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