DMX Accused Of Abandoning His Own Pitbull


(AllHipHop News) DMX is known for his love of dogs, but he’s could be becoming just as known for his mistreatment of them, too.

This time, DMX is accused of abandoning a pitbull named “X” at a boarding facility in Warwick, Rhode Island. The owner of Four Paw Pets claims DMX dropped the dog off at the facility just before his tour last summer, and hasn’t been back for the animal since.

“I was able to get him on the phone and I asked him very specifically if he would like us to assist him and adopt out his dog,” Four Paws Owner told ABC6 in Warwick. “He said, ‘Yes.’ So, I asked him to send us a letter relinquishing ownership of the dog and we’d be happy to help. He agreed, but then a month went by and we didn’t hear from him again.”

This is not the first time DMX has been in trouble over his dogs.

In May of 2008, DMX was arrested for a variety of charges that included seven misdemeanors for illegally possessing 12 pitbulls, which were seized and removed from his house.

In 2014, DMX was also forced to deny a fake news story that stated he was arrested for participating in a dogfighting ring.