DMX Hires New Managers; Warns Against Fraudulent Bookings


(AllHipHop News) Rapper DMX has issued a statement after missing several shows, due to confusion as to who is representing him in his professional career.

According to the rapper, people have been contacting his previous managers, without knowing that he has fired them all and has hired a new team to represent him.

“I fired my old management team the day I got out of prison,” DMX told in a statement. “My money and career have been sabotaged for long enough. Makin’ music and performing for my fans, that’s what I’m doin’ now. The Dog is back and I’ve cut these thieves out of my life.”

According to the press release, DMX is now being represented by Jason Fowler of J-Mike Management & Entertainment, based in Mesa, Arizona.

Fowler said that he would pursue legal action against anyone that accepted deposits on behalf of DMX.

“We’re hearing reports of people making deposits for shows, only to find out that it was a fraud,” Jason Fowler said. “All bookings must be through his new management team, because DMX is not responsible for any transactions that are not through J-Mike Management & Entertainment.”

DMX is working on a new album that is slated to be released this winter.

The rapper is also preparing to launch a tour.

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