WATCH: Prayer Vigil For DMX Draws Hundreds Of Supporters


Fans of DMX came out to his support in White Plains, New York, to pray for a miracle. 

Legions of people gathered for a vigil in an effort to pray for rapper DMX, who is currently in critical condition after suffering a heart attack last Friday.

The “What You Really Want From Me” rapper’s family, friends, fiancée, son, and fans all went to the White Plains hospital —where is being cared for — to pray for his miraculous recovery. 

It is reported that the doctors are calling his prognosis poor, noting that the Def Jam artist has very low levels of brain activity.

But there is power in prayer.

The intention of those who organized today’s event was to send positive energy towards his healing. His fiancée Desiree brought their toddler to add to the number of well-wishers.

Some of those well-wishers were from the famed Ruff Ryders motorcycle crew who caravanned to the hospital to show respect.  

Nurses, from the windows of the hospital, held up signs that said “X” to demonstrate solidarity with those who came from far and wide to send positive vibrations his way. 

One of the most powerful occurrences of today was when his children were allowed to come into the hospital’s ICU area to see their father. Each one was able to share a private moment with their dad as he rested on a life support machine. 

Like the people standing in intercessory pray for Dark Man X, they too are focusing on light and hoping that this is just another trouble time in his personal history.

The rapper reported in 2020 during the Ruff Ryders documentary that one of his childhood mentors tricked him into smoking crack for the first time. He has struggled with addiction ever since. 

It has been reported, by numerous sources, that his heart attack was prompted by a drug overdose.