Dr. Ben Carson Uses Eminem To Announce Run For President

Should Eminem Sue?

Dr. Ben Carson’s right wing Republican politics are diametrically opposed to rapper Eminem, but that didn’t stop him from using the Detroit MC’s music to announce his run for president.

In a move wrought with theater, Carson had a Black choir sing the chorus to “Lose Yourself” from Em’s semi-autobiographic movie.

Many thought it was a joke like emcee Toni Blackman.

On Facebook, Blackman said, “I saw this early. I thought it was satire. It’s for real. Dr. Ben Carson used a gospel choir singing Eminem for his campaign announcement. I’m here hollerin’ and planning to call Dave Chappelle tomorrow. We need him. Jon Stewart might come back for a few cameos just for this foolishness. Both hands are on my face right now.”