Dr. Dre Aims To Block Wife’s $2 Million Per Month Request

Dre says Nicole Young is already balling out and doesn’t need $2 mil a month!

Dr. Dre has rejected his estranged wife Nicole Young’s demand for close to $2 million per month in spousal support, claiming that she doesn’t need it.

The founding N.W.A. member says that he is already paying all of her bills and has continously to provide for her needs.

One of the things Dre contends is evidence of his support is that she is currently living in his Malibu mansion, which is valued at $20 to $25 million.

A spokesperson who told TMZ.com, Dre noted that his security details bring her meals prepared by his private chefs three to five times a week. The mother of his children still has access to an AmEx Centurion Black card that is paid for by his business manager.

On said card, it is reported that in the last few months those bills have ranged from $150,000 to over $350,000 per month.

A revelation that has been made based on information from the Black card is that Nicole has tried to pay her lawyers with it. According to reports, their fee is a cool $5 million.

Needless to say that The Doctor is not paying those bills and has called them “unauthorized charges.”

The gracious billionaire even offered to Nicole’s attorney fees and an additional $350,000 but felt compromised after learning that she took $400,000 from their recording studio.

“This all seems like the wrath of an angry person being exacerbated by opportunistic lawyers,” Dre said as the records show that the divorce process is already a hefty financial burden.

The divorce is already so pricey that in two months, the couple has already spent more on legal fees than that average American makes in one year.