Dr. Dre Ordered To Get New Lawyers After Wife Wins STUNNING Victory In Divorce War

nicole young and dr. dre

The tables may have just turned on Dr. Dre as he battles over an $850 million fortune with his ex-wife, Nicole Young. 

Dr. Dre’s divorce is nowhere near over … and is more dramatic than an episode of “Empire” during the early seasons.

In the latest developments in the dissolution of their 24-year-old marriage, a Los Angeles court judge has mandated that the Aftermath founder find new attorneys to represent him. 

His counsel, Laura Wasser, and Howard King have been removed from the divorce case.


According to reports, Nicole Young’s representation Samantha Spector believes that King can’t represent The Chronic rapper because he used to be the family lawyer and at one time repp’d both of them as their family lawyer.

She also contends that Wasser has worked with King in the past, thus making her — “vicariously disqualified.”

Damn … Nicole and her legal team basically knocked Dre’s queen off this divorce’s metaphoric chess board. Wasser is THE divorce lawyer for Hollywood stars, including big names like Kim Kardashian. 

The ruling is another loss for the West Coast icon.

This “L” is worse than the January agreement that had him give shorty temporary spousal support to the tune of $2 million. Dre is also paying for her security and her personal chef. 

Dr. Dre signed the papers for this deal while he was in a hospital bed in Cedar Sinai after suffering a stress-related aneurysm. Nicole wants her cut of the $850 million that was earned over the course of their two-decade marriage. 

Nicole also claims she was abused by the rap star, whose real name is Andre Young.

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