Dr. Dre Victorious After Gun Case Presented In Citizen’s Arrest In Road Rage Incident


(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop legend Dr. Dre can breathe a little easier now, as the gun case presented against him in a citizen’s arrest has been rejected by the L.A. County District Attorney.

According to TMZ, the incident stemmed from a rather outlandish scenario in which a man was blocking the driveway to the producer’s L.A. home, prompting the artist to request him to move.

The motorist did so, but was rather upset, leading to Dre pulling his phone out, simply to record the scenario.

After seeing Dre reach into his pocket the irate driver then chimed “here we go again, another black guy with a gun.”

Police were called and Dr. Dre was actually handcuffed in front of his home and searched and no gun was recovered.

The individual however still insisted on making a citizen’s arrest, which as of today has been rejected by the District Attorney due to insufficient evidence.

Jerry Heller, former manager of Dre and classic gangster rap group NWA recently came to the producer’s defense by citing racism in the Malibu area as motivation behind the unfounded accusations.