Dr. Dre’s Epic Debut “The Chronic” To Be Reissued On International Cannabis Holiday

eOne entertainment will reissue Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” after years of corporate wrangling.

(AllHipHop News) Entertainment One (“eOne”) has recently announced that it will reissue Dr. Dre’s breakout album, The Chronic on 4/20 on all digital platforms for fans to appreciate in a brand new way.

“Fans now have another reason to celebrate on what has become a national holiday, celebrating all things cannabis-related – where legally allowed and in moderation of course,” eOne’s Global President, Music & Live, Chris Taylor says.

He continues, “Working with the Death Row catalog is like working with the legendary recordings of Elvis, Chuck Berry, and the Beatles. These historic artifacts should be heard by all music lovers and we are so happy Dr. Dre has opened this door so everyone can experience the brilliance of this seminal work.”

In 2013, eOne purchased the rights to the Death Row catalog, which included The Chronic, for a measly $6 million after the legendary label was forced into bankruptcy during a three-way battle between Michael “Harry-O” Harris, his wife Lydia Harris and Marion “Suge” Knight.

It gets better. Last year, the toy company Hasbro acquired eOne and now the most adult oriented label to ever exist is owned by the same people that make Monopoly, Mouse Trap and Mr. Potato Head.

Jokes, one aside, one may wonder if Dre will receive any compensation relating to this prize release. After all, Dre. notoriously left Death Row — leaving everything.

According to Rolling Stone, a 2011 ruling under Judge U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder stated that the company which bought the original Death Row Records’ holdings out of bankruptcy, WIDEawake Death Row Records did not have the right to feature Dre’s music on compilations or other releases, nor can they sell it digitally on streaming platforms.

Though not stated in the press release from eOne, it is safe to say that an agreement between Dre and eOne most have happened.

Either way, it will be nice to hear this extraordinary album afresh.

The Chronic was also recently selected as one of only 25 recordings to be inducted into the National Recording Registry this year.

The inductees were selected by Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden and showcase the cultural, historical and aesthetic importance to the U.S.’ recorded sound heritage.