Drake And 21 Savage Stop Vogue Campaign Because Of Lawsuit

The artists still have not admitted they were wrong for using Vogue’s trademark without permission.

After being sued by publishing giant Conde Nast, rappers Drake, and 21 Savage stopped using their fake Vogue promotion to market their new joint project, Her Loss, which is #1 on the Billboard charts.

Her Loss was released on November 4th. It cracked the Billboard 200 album chart the week ending November 19th, which is when it debuted at No. 1.

According to court docs obtained by AllHipHop, on Thursday, November 17th, the parties agreed to a preliminary injunction.

A court filing with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan states both artists admitted to distributing a counterfeit cover and counterfeit version of Vogue magazine without permission the permission of the outlet or its parent company and have “voluntarily ceased” their campaign.

While Drake and 21 Savage admitted to the campaign being mockups of the magazine and even had captions tagged Vogue and Ann Wintour, its Editor-in-Chief, they did not admit to wrongdoing or liability.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, Conde Nast (under Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.) filed a lawsuit at the top of the month because the illegal campaign was spreading on social media and on public spaces and was a trademark infringement.

The company is suing for at least $4 million in damages. Take a look at the injunction: