Drake Arrest In Sweden: The Truth Is Revealed on Instagram


It looks like Drake was busted in Sweden for some weed back in July – information seemingly confirmed by the rapper himself!

Canadian rapper Drake has seemingly confirmed reports of his arrest in Sweden last July after sharing a video on Instagram.

The eight-second clip shows Drake being handcuffed and taken to a police car by two cops. Members of his crew can also be seen walking alongside him.

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Speculation about Drake’s arrest began circulating on social media in July 2022, with the hashtag #FreeDrake trending on Twitter. At the time, representatives for the rapper denied that he had been arrested, stating that he was simply in his hotel and not a police station.

Huffington Post journalist Phillip Lewis took to Twitter and said the speculation was false.

“FYI: I talked to Swedish police and they told me Drake is not currently in their custody. (That was the only info they would give),” he wrote.

Lewis also confirmed, “From Drake’s team: “Drake is at his hotel and has not been arrested.”

However, Drake later hinted that the arrest did, in fact, take place when he shared a photo on Instagram of a document from the Swedish National Police Board.

In his latest post, Drake has seemingly confirmed the incident once and for all. Alongside the video of his arrest, he shared a photo of himself and collaborator 21 Savage, as well as a caption that reads:

“The funds are useful/The lyrics are truthful/The suspects are usual/The opps are delusional/The finish line is beautiful/And the disrespect is mutual/ See you in 23.”

It is still unclear what specific charges Drake is facing concerning the arrest.

However, reports have suggested that the arrest may have been related to marijuana-related offenses while Drake was partying at a club in Stockholm.