Drake Auctioning Off A Piece Of His Fabulous Life In The #AllInChallenge

What do you do when Tom Brady hits you to hop on an Instagram challenge? Well, if you are Drake … you take him up on it and take it to the next level.

(AllHipHop News) The Champagne Papi decided to join the #AllInChallenge to help raise money for the novel coronavirus and its after-effects, but of course, it is just different when he gets involved.

Drake took to Instagram to accept the challenge and the very first thing he did was break some of the tension that trails along anything connected to the respiratory disease. Drake joked that HE was going to give away all of Buccaneers’ quarterback’s assets.

According to Business Insider Brady’s net worth is almost $200 million and combined with his wife’s net worth, the household is sitting on about $540 million in cash, stocks, and assets. This is without their stimulus check!

The #AllInChallenge taps rich people to donate some of their most luxuriously gluttonous toys or experiences to raise money to feed those devastatingly impacted by the novel coronavirus.

Drake then shared what was his auction submission was for the winner of the challenge: a flight in his $200M private jet, Air Drake. He will have some OVO exclusive merch, a Nike care package, get to touch down in the sunny streets of Los Angeles and get put up in a swanky hotel.

He will then sweep you over to an exclusive party with him, his folk and whomever you chose to bring with you at one of the hottest clubs, famed for his frequenting, Delilah.

But that’s not all.

Drake will get you the best tickets to his show in your hometown and you will get that VIP treatment all over again. Ching, MuthaFlunkin, Ching!

The #AllInChallenge was started by 76ers partner Michael Rubin.

The “Toosie Slide” rapper is not the only famous person who has stepped up to the plate: Kevin Hart, Meek Mill, Rapsody, Ceraadi, Magic Johnson, Quavo, Allen Iverson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons all have put up stuff to auction off to raise money for those who are food insecure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you want to participate in the auction, click here.

There are great prizes and we believe your contribution will help someone.