Drake Left Embarrassed After Credit Card Declined During Yellow-Nailed Gambling Spree


Drake’s declined credit card and his bright yellow fingernails have lit up Twitter. Check it out!

The world of Twitter has been ablaze lately with chatter revolving around the Canadian rapper Drake.

The #Drake hashtag has been trending, mainly due to an incident during a recent live stream on Kick, where Drake’s credit card got declined as he tried to donate $500 worth of subscriptions to another Kick streamer.

The incident, which took place during a live stream with Lil Yachty, saw Drake exclaiming “embarrassing” in a manner that has since become the subject of widespread amusement and mimicry.

Tweets poured in mimicking Drake’s unique intonation of the word “embarrassing,” with tweets reading things like “embarrassinggggg💅🏽,” “Embarrassingggggggggggg,” and “embarrassinggggg 💅💅💅🤭🤭.”

This drew a lot of attention on Twitter, with users joking about the incident.

One user quipped that the musician “definitely” would have fired someone after the incident, while another commented on how casual Drake was after the transaction was declined, joking that the card must have thought it was fraudulent.

Another one jokingly said, “It’s confirmed. Drake is one of us, he too gets embarrassed when his card gets declined.”

Some tweets were directed towards Lil Yachty who was with Drake during the stream, one of them read, “Lil Yachty sitting there laughing while Drake gets his card declined, that’s the real embarrassment.”

Another user speculated that Drake’s bank must have declined the transaction automatically due to suspicious activity, adding that Drake should be thankful the bank is monitoring for potential fraud.

Another part of the stream that Twitter users found amusing was Drake’s bright yellow painted nails, which he displayed during the same stream.

This seemingly unexpected fashion choice saw the rapper getting trolled extensively. An image of Drake wearing yellow nail paint surfaced on social media, with many making fun of the Toronto icon, suggesting that he was “coming out.”

Despite the trolling, some users appreciated the look, with one commenting, “Looking like a bright ray of sunshine” and another concluding, “Awww his hands are so pretty.”

Despite the temporary embarrassment, this incident has only served to keep Drake in the public eye, demonstrating the strange way in which even minor mishaps can turn into major talking points on social media platforms.